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Mother Lode Works Vol. 5

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This week in Mother Lode Works... - COVID-19 Relief Assistance through MLJT

- Small Business Assistance

- UI Claim Updates


Up to Date COVID-19 Information - The official website for California COVID-19 Response daily updates and resources. - EDD provides a variety of support services to people who have lost their jobs or have had their hours reduced due to the impacts of COVID-19 in California.


COVID-19 Financial Relief Assistance Now Available through MLJT

If your work or employment was affected by the COVID-19 virus or shut down orders, then you could qualify for some much needed assistance with some of your qualifying expenses. What do you need to qualify?

  • Your date of birth and social security number (you may have to show proof of this).

  • The date you stopped work or that your work significantly slowed down.

  • The name of your business or employer and the reason why your work stopped or slowed.

  • The number of people in your family/household (only those living with you and related by blood, adoption or marriage).

  • The last 6 months of income for your family – income is wages from work, unemployment insurance, social security retirement benefits. Not county assistance, gifts, tax refunds or stimulus checks.

  • What your income is now, since your work stopped or was reduced – if you are now getting less than ½ of your normal income, you may qualify for up to $800 in assistance, or if you are still receiving at least half or more of your normal income via UI, or from your employer, you may qualify for up to $400. What can you get assistance with? Some examples:

  • Bills for utilities (phone, internet, electricity, propane, water, etc.)

  • Bills for rent or housing (with valid rental or mortgage agreement)

  • Internet service costs, telephone service costs

  • Equipment so you can work remotely

  • Dependent care costs

  • Transportation costs

What do I need to provide to receive this assistance?

  • A copy of the bill due and documentation that you are responsible for that bill.

  • For reimbursement, we must have an original receipt showing that you paid it.

To see if you qualify, contact Mother Lode Job Training. To find your local job center, call (209) 588-1150 or visit .


Small Business Assistance

While we don’t have data on how many of our region’s small businesses qualified for Paycheck Protection Program loans/grants, or SBA grants, we do know that nationally about 1.6 million small businesses were approved for loans. The second allocation that was just approved is close to the same amount as the first.

Each local county has a designated Small Business Development Center (SBDC) staffed with no-cost professional business advisors that will help you navigate through the resources and programs available to assist your business. These advisors can help you come up with a customized COVID-19 survival plan for the duration of the pandemic and work out a re-launch plan for when the pandemic has subsided.

For updates on the online application for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, visit the SBA webpage.

For more information on the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, visit EDD's PUA webpage .

Local businesses in Amador and Calaveras Counties should contact the San Joaquin Delta SBDC Mentor, Trudy Lackey, at, or call

(209) 954-5089 . Visit their website here.

Businesses in Mariposa County should contact the UC Merced SBDC, at or call (209) 803-8076. Visit their website here.

Businesses in Tuolumne County should contact the Director of Valley Sierra SBDC, Katy Winders, at or call (209) 422-6416 . Visit the website here.


UI Claim Updates

See the latest number of claims filed below:

*Numbers for local areas have a week delay compared to state numbers.


Next week on Mother Lode Works...

- Hiring in the Mother Lode

- Creating a Federal Resume


For more information, contact your local Mother Lode Job Training job center:

Amador Center Manager: Annette, Email:, Phone: (209) 223-3341 Calaveras Center Manager: Emily, Email:, Phone: (209) 754-4242

Mariposa Center Manager: Stephanie, Email:, Phone: (209) 966- 3643 Tuolumne Center Manager: Pam, Email:, Phone: (209) 588-1150 Mother Lode Job Training is a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Equal Opportunity Employer/Program; CRS 711 (TTY) Auxilary aides & services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Mother Lode Job Training is a proud partner of the America's Job Center of California network.

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