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Mother Lode Works Vol. 25

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This week in Mother Lode Works...

  • 5 SMART Employment Goals

  • Out of School Youth Participant on Path to Success

  • UI Claim Updates


Up to Date COVID-19 Information - The official website for California COVID-19 updates and resources. - EDD provides a variety of support services to people who have lost their jobs or have had their hours reduced due to the impacts of COVID-19 in California.


5 SMART Employment Goals to Make 2022 Successful

Mother Lode Job Training (MLJT) is here to help you set and reach your employment goals for 2022 and beyond. One process to help you reach your employment goals is to use the SMART method.

What are SMART goals?

S: Be as clear and SPECIFIC as you can with the goals you want to set. What do you want to accomplish? When do you want to accomplish it? Why do you want to accomplish this goal?

M: Make sure your goal is MEASURABLE. How are you going to know you reached this goal?

A: When making a goal, it’s okay to challenge yourself but you need to make sure this goal is ACHIEVABLE. Do you know of local resources to help you reach this goal?

R: Make this goal REALISTIC. Are you able to fully commit to reaching this goal? Using your local resources, is this goal within reach?

T: Reach this goal in a TIMELY fashion! Set a deadline for yourself to reach this goal that can also prove to be a challenge.

MLJT can help job seekers create resumes, view job openings and apply online. Clients can take career assessments to see which industry and positions are a good fit for their skill set. Training Scholarships and Paid work Experiences are available based on eligibility. Give us a call to make an appointment and meet with a specialist today!


Out of School Youth Participant on Path to Success

Morgan Stewart (pictured right) came into work with Mother Lode Job Training (MLJT) and was eligible as an Out of School Youth participant for our Work Experience Program. Morgan’s MLJT case manager was able to help her in a work experience with CPU Onsite in Pine Grove, CA as a Graphic Design Assistant.

After she completed her work experience, she succeeded in finding employment at Harrah’s Northern California Casino as a Hostess. Within a short time, Morgan applied for an open position at Harrah’s in Advertising. The experience and skill set she gained during her Work Experience positioned her to have a competitive edge and she was selected for the position. She continues to excel and has since then been promoted to a Digital Production Specialist.

“Morgan Stewart joined the Advertising team at Harrah's in August of 2020, but that is not the first time we noticed her. Morgan started her career at Harrah’s in the Lounge a few months previous. The amount of pride she took in her position was no secret. After Morgan arrived, we noticed special touches and examples of someone going above and beyond in the lounge. Soon enough, the position of Production Coordinator opened in our department, we were elated when she applied. Morgan demonstrated a basic understanding of the job but more so, her passion and excitement was undeniable. Morgan came with her resume, portfolio, and millions of ideas of how to make the company even more special.” - Quote from Morgan's supervisor at Harrah's Northern CA.

MLJT provides many services for job seekers such as resume building, job search, job readiness, the Work Experience program and vocational trainings. If you would like to hear more about these exciting opportunities, contact us today! We can help you reinvent your career path and gain the skills required to remain competitive in today's workforce.


UI Claim Updates See the latest number of claims filed below:

You can also find this information and more on the EDD site at:


For more information, contact your local Mother Lode Job Training job center:

Amador Center Manager: Annette, Email:, Phone: (209) 223-3341 Calaveras Center Manager: Annette, Email:, Phone: (209) 754-4242

Mariposa Center Manager: Sarah, Email:, Phone: (209) 966-3643 Tuolumne Center Manager : Lindsay, Email:, Phone: (209) 588-1150 Mother Lode Job Training is a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act(WIOA) Title I-financially assisted program and Equal Opportunity Employer; CRS 711 (TTY) Auxiliary aides & services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Mother Lode Job Training is a proud partner of the America's Job Center of California network.

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