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Below are just a few video testimonials of the many success stories through MLJT!
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Storm Work Experience

"I work for the Storm program out of Tuolumne County, and I'm having a great time. It's a wonderful job, and I love my work..."

We Go There, We Get You There!

Mother Lode Job Training, Tuolumne County Transit and Columbia College – getting you where you need to go in life!

CDL License Assistance

" [Mother Lode Job Training] sent me to a truck-driving school of my choice. They helped me through the whole process.I was able to get an excellent job with excellent benefits and excellent pay..."

Summer of Success '17

"The [Summer of Success] program has given my son hope. It has given him a direction and a future. He now has a firm grasp of where he wants to go in life"



Want to be featured on this webpage? Contact your local MLJT and ask how YOU can be featured as a MLJT Success Story!

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