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MLJT Job Centers


Provide employers with the skilled workers they need to compete, and assist workers in achieving a family sustaining wage.

By assisting local businesses in the recruitment and development of a skilled workforce and by making services available to the business to promote stability and growth, we provide benefit for the business, workers, and our local communities.

The Mother Lode Region...
  •  4 counties / 4 job centers

  •  5,280 square miles

  •  154,443 residents

  •  64,424 in the workforce

  •  ~8,000 businesses

  •  Rural communities

  •  Aging population

  •  Stagnant economy


Making sure businesses have all the resources and tools to succeed is a driving goal of Mother Lode Job Training. Just pick up the phone or email us about any of the services listed below. We leverage funding and resources throughout the region to help you save money, time and energy.


• Pre-employment Assessments – Using a variety of tools, MLJT provides assurance that prospective employees have an acceptable level of soft skills.

• Employee Recruitment – Save money, time and energy in finding the right employee with the right skill set with our customized recruitment plans.

• Internships & Work Experience – The Work Experience program is designed to assist individuals with little or no direct experience get training to better prepare them to enter the work force.The training provided can be in the area of work ethic and basic work skills or to enhance or update current skills. In this program MLJT will cover the participant’s wages and the Workman’s Compensation for a designated training period.It is a win-win situation! The employer can add needed workforce at no expense to the employer in exchange for their expertise in training.The employee, as he/she gain skills, has the opportunity to exhibit their potential and apply new skills directly to their job position.

• On-the-Job Training - Train new hires in their actual work environment, while a portion of the employee’s wages may be reimbursed to the employer during the training period.

• Incumbent Worker Training - Upgrade your existing team’s skills to improve retention and advancement in your company, with financial assistance from MLJT.

• Downsizing & Layoff Assistance – Call us when you need to downsize your current staff or learn about options to avert your layoff through WorkShare.

• Labor Market Information – Make informed decisions about your industry through our real-time data.


Since 1983, Mother Lode Job Training has been helping residents of the Mother Lode find professional success. We serve career seekers  through four job centers located in Amador, Calaveras, Tuolumne and Mariposa counties.


• Job Search - Build job seeking skills by participating in workshops on the use of CalJOBS and techniques that can provide you with a competitive advantage, workshops designed to assist job seekers in the development of employment applications, resumes and cover letters targeted at securing an interview.

• Assessment - Using a variety of assessment tools Mother Lode Job Training staff will assist individuals in assessing their basic academic skill levels, and vocational aptitudes and interests.

• Soft Skills - Training and coaching to promote the development of interviewing skills along with appropriate dress, posture and body language supporting interview success.

• Training Scholarships – Mother Lode Job Training provides academic and vocational scholarships of up to $10,000 per individual supporting the development of work skills in-demand by local businesses.

• Labor Market Information – Mother Lode Job Training will assist individuals in identifying the in-demand and projected high growth occupations in the local and regional area, and the skills, training and experience requirements of each occupation.


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