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How to Register for CalJOBS

Please follow these instructions to create an account in CalJOBS. 

Step 1:

Visit CalJOBS and click the link to Register New User

Screenshot of CALJOBS Landing Page

Step 2: 

Click on “Individual” to create a CalJOBS account.


Screenshot of CALJOBS Login Page with button titled "individual" circled in yellow


Step 3: 

Read and agree to the Privacy Agreement.

Screenshot of CALJOBS Privacy Agreement with I Agree and I Disagree Buttons below the agreement


Step 4: 

Fill in the required fields (noted by *) in the application.

Username can be entered all lowercase – we suggest your first initial and last name with a 4 digit number.

Password needs a capital letter, some lower case letters, at least one number, and a symbol from the list.

Screenshot of CALJOBS Account Creation Form

Your confirmation of a successful registration.

Screenshot od CALJOBS Account Creation Confirmation
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