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Policy and Guidance

Agency Four Year Plans

WIOA Local Plan (2021-2024)

2021-2024 Mother Lode Local Plan

WIOA Regional Plan (2021-2024)

2021-2024 Middle Sierra Regional Planning Unit Regional Plan

Other Policies & Guidance

Board of Directors Bylaws

By-Laws of the Mother Lode Board of Directors

Workforce Development Board Bylaws

By-Laws of the Mother Lode Workforce Board

JPA Agreement

Joint Powers Agreement of the counties of the Mother Lode Consortia establishing Mother Lode Job Training for the purposes of coordination and delivery of workforce services in member counties.

WIB LEO Agreement

Agreement between the Local Elected Officials (MLJT Board of Directors) and the Workforce Board establishing the roles and responsibilities and operational parameters of each Board.

Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy

The Political Reform Act requires every multi-county agency to review its conflict of interest code biennially.

Brown Act Policy

Summary of the Brown Act governing public meetings and assuring public access and transparency.

Archive: Old Policies, Guidance and Plans

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