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Free Online Courses For Job Seekers
Free Online Tools for Employers

Mother Lode Job Training &
Metrix Learning Skillup Platform

What is Metrix Learning?

We're excited to introduce SkillUp Mother Lode, a web-based learning portal that allows jobseekers, businesses, and employees unlimited access to a multitude of learning opportunities. Offered no-cost exclusively to Job Seekers and Businesses in Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa, and Tuolumne.

Job seekers

  • Job Seekers are able to:

  • Refresh their existing skills and learn new skills required by industry

  • View local job postings

  • Receive workforce services to increase earning potential


  • Tools to search for and assess qualified candidates

  • Training to up-skill their employees for business optimization

  • Industry recognized skills for employee career advancement

  • Receive in-depth consulting to address hiring and training needs

What online courses are available?
There are 7,000+ courses available through Skillsoft in Healthcare, Information Technology, Financial Services, Work Etiquette, Customer Service and more. You will have access to the full catalog of course offerings.

How can I learn more about Metrix and Skillup?

Metrix Learning holds weekly informational sessions to answer any questions you may have.

Job Seekers & Employees: How to Register with Metrix Learning

  1. Go to: 

  2. Click “JOBSEEKERS”


  4. Fill out your information for instant access

  5. Check your email for your assigned username and password (junk mail)

  6. Take as many courses as you want for 365 days (12 months). After 6 months, you will need to reach out to MLJT Staff to have your free license renewed.

Employers: How to Register with Metrix Learning


If you would like to have your own employer portal for assigning trainings to your employees, follow the instructions below that apply to your organization. If you do not wish to formally assign trainings or have your own Employer portal, and just want your employees to have access to trainings, have them follow the instructions above to register as a "Job Seeker".

Business owners and their employees can sign up for Metrix as a job seeker and take trainings, regardless of organization size.


​The following employers have access to Metrix Learning Employer Portals, free of charge:

  • Employers that are partners to Mother Lode Job Training (MOU partners, Board Members)

  • Employers with less than 15 employees

Employers with over 15 employees (that are not MLJT Partners):

If you wish to purchase a portal to formally assign trainings to your employees, contact Metrix Learning here.

Employers with Less than 15 employees:

  1. Go to: 

  2. Click “EMPLOYERS”


  4. Fill out your information for instant access

MLJT Partner Employers:

​Contact Mother Lode Job Training to initiate Portal set-up.


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