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Mother Lode Works Vol. 26

Your source for employment news in the Mother Lode"

This week in Mother Lode Works...

  • Helping Businesses and Employees Navigate Layoffs

  • HR Hotline and Free Employer Workshops

  • Participant Gains Valuable Work Experience

  • UI Claim Updates


Up to Date COVID-19 Information

- The official website for California COVID-19 updates and resources. - EDD provides a variety of support services to people who have lost their jobs or have had their hours reduced due to the impacts of COVID-19 in California.


Helping Businesses and Employees Navigate Layoffs

During times of economic stress for a business, Mother Lode Job Training (MLJT) has services to ensure that businesses and employees have the support and resources necessary to navigate through difficult workforce transitions.

Earlier this year, MLJT was informed of a mass layoff of 45 employees at a local Mother Lode business. MLJT contacted the employer to quickly implement a virtual orientation to educate the affected staff about the many no-cost resources available to them. Resources include:

  • Job postings and local openings

  • Typing certificates

  • Information about training providers, vocational training options, and grants

  • Information on local partner support services

  • Information on applying for Unemployment

  • Computer labs to create or update a resume, apply for jobs online, and participate in virtual interviews

For information on Layoff Assistance services, or if you would like for MLJT to provide an orientation to your employees, please call 209-533-3396 or email


HR Hotline and Free Employer Workshops

Mother Lode Job Training has partnered with the California Employers Association to provide Mother Lode employers a no-cost HR Hotline. The hotline provides guidance on topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Hiring & Firing Processes

  • Paid Sick Leave Laws & FMLA

  • Breaks, Lunches & Overtime

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Harassment Prevention

  • Remote Workers

Call today! 888-201-7101

In addition to the HR Hotline, the California Employers Association will also be providing Mother Lode Employers with FREE workshops! Topics for future workshops include:

  • Leave Laws in California

  • Managing Remote Workers

  • Managing Reduced Hours and Layoffs

  • HR Trivia

  • Diversity in the Workplace

  • Other topics by request

If you are interested in receiving notifications of future employer workshops, follow your local MLJT on Facebook or sign up for email notifications here.


Participant Gains Valuable Work Experience

After being employed for many years in the Hospitality and Real Estate industries, Robin came to Mother Lode Job Training (MLJT) as a job seeker, with an interest in switching careers and acquiring new skills. With the assistance of MLJT job developers, and after a period of considering various educational and training directions, Robin was offered a position as a Work Experience (WEX) employee at MLJT.

A WEX is a paid, temporary position, designed to assist the participant in gaining new and transferable skills in a field they would like to pursue, while simultaneously filling a need for the employer. The participant leaves their WEX position with new skills to put on their resume and the employer gets an employee for 3-8 months at no cost to them.

"My WEX position has been comprised of various duties working in the reception area/resource room of the MLJT Sonora office. My work has included answering phones, greeting and directing customers, assisting individuals on computers, resume guidance, conducting eligibility interviews and giving orientations to MLJT services. I have also performed clerical tasks such as keeping supplies stocked and tidy, data entry, replenishing resource handouts and updating our job board. Each of the duties are designed to maintain the flow of clients and visitors, and to support the fulltime MLJT staff.

Often, visitors arrive, expecting to use MLJT resources independently, but ultimately, need hands-on assistance with computers or resume work. It has been my job to assist those individuals to the best of my ability and then refer them to our Resource Specialist or Job Developers, to further assist with their employment goals.

Before this position, I did not have any professional experience helping people with employment related topics. During my WEX, I have been coached on how to respond to an array of subject matter related to employment, unemployment, disability insurance and have also learned about local resources for financial, housing, and other needs-related assistance, which I can now assist customers with confidence. Learning the scope of our local resources has been a considerable amount of the knowledge gained in my WEX position which I can now take with me to other jobs in the community.

When I was offered the WEX position, I thought it would be a perfect transition back into the workforce, which would offer the opportunity to enhance skills while discovering what my personal adaptability would be to a new industry. Overall, the WEX position has been a process of learning; layering pieces of knowledge and skill on top of each other. By experiencing that process, I am now able to independently handle, assist, and resolve much more than when I first began. I have attained new skills, and experience, and discovered more about my personal adaptability which I will take with me into my next position." - Quote from Robin

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in a Work Experience, call your local job center at (209) 533-3396 or email


UI Claim Updates See the latest number of claims filed below:

You can find more information on the EDD site at:


For more information, contact your local Mother Lode Job Training job center:

Amador Center Manager: Annette, Email:, Phone: (209) 223-3341 Calaveras Center Manager: Annette, Email:, Phone: (209) 754-4242

Mariposa Center Manager: Sarah, Email:, Phone: (209) 966-3643 Tuolumne Center Manager : Lindsay, Email:, Phone: (209) 588-1150 Mother Lode Job Training is a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act(WIOA) Title I-financially assisted program and Equal Opportunity Employer; CRS 711 (TTY) Auxiliary aides & services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Mother Lode Job Training is a proud partner of the America's Job Center of California network.

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