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Mother Lode Works Vol. 18

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This week in Mother Lode Works...

  • Tuolumne Construction Pre-Apprentice Training Program

  • New Grant Opportunity: Accelerating Jobs for People with Disabilities

  • UI Claim Updates


Up to Date COVID-19 Information

- The official website for California COVID-19 updates and resources. - EDD provides a variety of support services to people who have lost their jobs or have had their hours reduced due to the impacts of COVID-19 in California.


Tuolumne Construction Pre-Apprentice Training Program The Tuolumne Construction Pre-Apprentice Training Program is a seven-week pre-apprenticeship designed to teach skills in the growing construction field and assist participants to earn industry-recognized certificates. The training is organized through a collaboration of regional public agencies and community-based organizations.

The program is a multi-agency effort involving the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Greater Valley Conservation Corps, the San Joaquin County Office of Education and the Tuolumne Community Collaborative, which includes the county Superintendent of Schools Office, Habitat for Humanity and Mother Lode Job Training.

Mother Lode Job Training provided services to the participants of the 6th annual cohort beginning on March 5th, 2021. The services provided by MLJT included a multifaceted “Work Readiness Certificate” that included skills development in work awareness, labor market knowledge, job search techniques, soft skills/job retention and ethical decision making. Participants earned a stipend for completion of each of the skills development areas. The goal of the work readiness program is to assist the participants with skills development that will allow for self-sustaining employment where they can apply the skills and knowledge learned in the cohort. Participants completed the program April 22, 2021.

Nine participants, with various histories and experience, enrolled in cohort 6. Of them, 67% were female, and 33% were male. 89% of participants entered employment in construction related fields.

Kayla Barnes, a graduated participant, who gained employment as a Laborer with Njirich Construction, stated, “Without the cohort I would not be where I am today. I learned so much and I am forever grateful for the wrap around services from the collaborative partners such as Mother Lode Job Training. I am grateful that [MLJT was] so knowledgeable in helping me build a resume and showing me how to produce one in the future. I am still in touch with my classmates from the Cohort. We all have a group message where we talk about where we are in our lives. This experience has been life changing and has set the foundation for me to build a career that can support myself and my family. I am excited for what the future holds. I am in the ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) which means I am a laborer that still has some of the perks of the union. I will be going to training throughout my apprenticeship to obtain a journeyman’s certificate within roughly 2 years.”

Community partnerships, such as the Tuolumne Construction Pre-Apprentice Training Program, play a key role in assisting the region's priority employment sectors with skilled labor and assisting job seekers to find self-sustaining, gainful employment. Mother Lode Job Training is continuing to develop and maintain community partnerships to best serve the regions businesses and job seekers

For those that are interested in more information on future construction cohorts, please call The Greater Valley Conservation Corps at (209) 292-2700 or contact Mother Lode Job Training at (209) 588-1150.

Pictured: Kayla Barnes during the Tuolumne Construction Pre-Apprentice Training Program (first and second photo) and at her employment with Njirich construction (last photo) upon completion of the cohort.


New Grant Opportunity: Accelerating Jobs for People with Disabilities

Mother Lode Job Training is teaming up with local employers, organizations and Columbia College to build the workforce for natural resources and supporting industries. This program is designed for individuals with disabilities who are often overlooked for higher paying employment opportunities.

“We are looking for opportunities to fill those needs in our region- our natural resources need help in fire, water, conservation, and smart development” says Emily Graham, the grant manager.

Services under this grant include On-the-Job Training, Paid Work Experience and Credential attainment. Job opportunities include construction, fire, forestry, water, technology, parks and recreation, landscaping, truck driving and more!

To be eligible: Participants need to be at least 18 years old and have a disability.

In addition to building skills, the Employment Accelerator for the Mother Lode will debut a Peer Mentoring program to help participants navigate the worlds of work, training, and accessing services. Supportive services may be provided such as assistive technology, computer learning classes, internet access and tablets.

This program will last through March 2023 and aims to serve 55 people through career services, work readiness and skill building classes, with 12 receiving full scholarships for training and 7 in paid work-based learning. For more information, contact your local MLJT office or call our main line at (209) 533-3396. Enrollment opens July 1st.


UI Claim Updates See the latest number of claims filed below:

You can also find this information and more on the EDD site at:


For more information, contact your local Mother Lode Job Training job center:

Amador Center Manager: Annette, Email:, Phone: (209) 223-3341 Calaveras Center Manager: Annette, Email:, Phone: (209) 754-4242

Mariposa Center Manager: Stephanie, Email:, Phone: (209) 966-3643 Tuolumne Center Manager : Lindsay, Email:, Phone: (209) 588-1150 Mother Lode Job Training is a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act(WIOA) Title I-financially assisted program and Equal Opportunity Employer; CRS 711 (TTY) Auxiliary aides & services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Mother Lode Job Training is a proud partner of the America's Job Center of California network.

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