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Emergency COVID-19 Grant

MLJT has funding available to assist those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. View our current Emergency COVID Grant below. If you would like to view other COVID-19 Job seeker resources, visit our COVID-19 Resource Page here.

COVID Employment Recovery



Get Re-employed:

  • Career Assessments

  • Job Search and Career Exploration

  • Vocational Training

  • On-the-Job Training

  • Training Related Expenses

Individuals must meet the following:

  • Workers who were laid off as a result of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID) Pandemic

​Individuals that were self-employed are not eligible for this grant.

If you are eligible for the grant above, streamline your enrollment process by filling out a pre-application online, or call (209) 533-3396.

Not eligible? There are still opportunities for you receive career services! 

See our Job Seeker Services or contact your local job center.

Looking for additional COVID resources and information? Visit our COVID-19 Resource Page.

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